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The Largest Olive Grove in the World project has been growing day after day. It currently has 57 properties in four Portuguese regions, totalling more than 10.000 ha.
The olive groves are located in Ferreira do Alentejo, Campo Maior, Elvas, and Aviz. The largest olive grove, in Ferreira do Alentejo, has 3.400 ha and is where the emblematic Oliveira da Serra Mill, in Herdade do Marmelo, is located.

A greater knowledge of the olive grove potential, together with new agronomic techniques, led to the birth of the “New Age of Olive Culture”. This “New Age of Olive Culture” changed the landscape of the new olive groves.
Come and visit the Oliveira da Serra Mill and discover the Largest Olive Grove in Portugal – learn more in – Mill Tours.

Oliveira da serra - Herdades 1
Oliveira da serra - Herdades 2
Oliveira da serra - Herdades 3


Oliveira da Serra is a Sovena Group brand, a family owned company with 100% Portuguese capital. One of our best assets are the people.
Hundreds of workers who contribute every day to our growth, for decades in some cases. This extended family is precisely what motivates us to produce, with dedication and commitment, every bottle of our olive oil.
Cooperation is one of the key elements that defines us. The remaining is achieved with the ambition that always inspires us to do more and better.

Jorge de Melo CEO of Sovena Group.


Because we believe in nature preservation, starting from the care for the olive grove, to the mill and our factories, we aim for the best olive oils to leave a positive ecological footprint.
An example of this is how we take care of our olive grove, where we implemented a drip irrigation system, supported by probes near the roots of our olive trees. This allows us to supply, with high precision, the necessary water for a good olive tree development, without waste.
Oliveira da Serra owns 10 million olive trees planted in Portugal which has a positive environmental impact, absorbing more carbon than it produces.

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